Types of Evaporative Coolers

Portable Swamp Coolers
  • Portable Swamp Coolers: Portable evaporative coolers are great because they can move with you! If you spend time in different areas of your home, just bring your portable swamp cooler with you as you move. You can easily maintain a high degree of comfort when you change spaces.
  • Residential Indoor Swamp Coolers: A residential evaporative cooler is a great cooling solution for cooling your living spaces. These swamp coolers typically come with casters to make moving your evaporative cooler from space to space simple.
  • Window Mount Swamp Coolers: If your cooling problems are localized to a particular room or area, a window swamp cooler is a great solution for spot cooling. Window-mounted evaporative coolers often come ready to install and include the necessary installation hardware.
  • Industrial Swamp Coolers: For heartier jobs such as cooling warehouses, auto garages, workshops, and other large areas, consider investing in an industrial evaporative cooler with higher airflow and bigger capacities.
  • Outdoor Swamp Coolers: Outdoor evaporative coolers are perfect for cooling outdoor areas such as restaurant decks, park pavilions, cook outs, camping, patios, and more!
  • Misting Fans: When it’s hot outside and you can’t rely on an air conditioner to cool you down, a misting fan can help keep you cool and comfortable. These fans use mist and/or evaporating cooling to bring relief in hot temperatures and they can be used in a wide range of locations.

With so many options, the task isn’t finding a swamp cooler; it’s choosing the one that best suits your needs.