Swamp Coolers by Brand

Swamp Coolers by Brand. Here is a list of some of the high quality Swamp Coolers we offer by Brand.

We have Portable Coolers, Residential Coolers, Industrial Coolers, Outdoor Coolers, Window Coolers, Mini Coolers, Misting Systems and more by the top manufacturers, including Honeywell, Hessaire, Portacool, Cool-Space, Luma Comfort, NewAir, Evapolar, Essick Air, Duolang, SPT, Frigidaire, Whirlppool, MasterCool and more top Brands.

AIRCARE/Essick Air
Luma Comfort
North Storm
SPT aka Sunpentown

AIRCARE/Essick Air are one of the nation’s most diverse manufacturers of premium air products, AIRCARE/Essick Air has been delivering superior products at great value for the past 65 years. AIRCARE/Essick Air window-mount swamp coolers provide maximum cooling performance for small spaces as well as spaces up to 1,600 square feet.

AIRCARE/Essick Air window-mount swamp coolers can be installed in vertical or horizontal windows, which saves you valuable floor space. Their generous capacity to circulate and create cool air is great for all types of spaces, from residential to commercial. Their coverage areas–upwards of 1,600 square feet–and powerful cubic feet per minute (CFMs) of airflow is comparable to air conditioning (ACs) without the use of a compressor and refrigerated gases. Additionally, the AIRCARE/Essick Air cooler is more eco-friendly, as it uses less energy than that of ACs.

These swamp coolers also feature trusted Essick Air construction, and many models come with upgrades like remote controls.

  • AIRCARE/Essick Swamp Coolers:

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    Arizona/KoolKube Air Coolers. Founded by evaporative cooling experts, Arizona/KoolKube Air Coolers provide quality, well-built mobile and stationary swamp coolers. With features such as heavy-duty caster wheels, resin injected rigid cooling media, and continuous water feed, the Arizona swamp coolers maintain a level of comfort with the evaporative cooling process. Several features including the redesigned water reservoir, nylon fan blade, washable filter, and a 2-year warranty, make Arizona coolers an exceptional choice for use in dry, arid climates and spaces.

    Arizona swamp coolers are designed to withstand the rugged elements, dispersing cool air and humidity in environments with 60% humidity or less. The durable exterior is made of rotomolded plastic and rugged heavy-duty caster wheels are excellent for transporting from room to room in commercial spaces on bare flooring or uneven terrain. The oscillating louvers direct air where you need it, and the varying water feed options–manual fill or continuous fill–are exceptionally great for varying uses.

    Powerful airflow (CFMs) and a wide square footage of coverage make the Arizona swamp coolers an ideal choice for homes and commercial space, such as warehouses, garages, and more.

    Family-owned and operated, Arizona is on their way to providing quality products while maintaining a consistent design. Arizona swamp coolers are recommended for use in areas such as the home, office, warehouse, stables, garages, retail spaces, and more.

  • Arizona/KoolKube Swamp Coolers:

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    Cool-Space swamp coolers provide simple, eco-friendly cooling solutions for commercial and residential settings. Made in the USA, these coolers are designed to lower ambient temperatures by as much as 30-degrees F. Quality construction and features offer cooling on decks and patios, auto shops, carports, docks, hangars, warehouses, and more.

    To achieve cooling by as much as 30-degrees F, the germ protected rigid cooling media provides 30% more surface area, while powerful fans circulate and propel air throughout any space. Large, built-in water reservoirs make it possible to set it and forget it with the continuous fill and garden hose hook-ups. Ensure safety with the integrated ground fault circuit interrupter plugs (GFCI) that come standard on all Cool Space swamp coolers. High CFMs and variable or 1-speed fan settings make it easier to adjust the fan speed you need.

    Other convenient and savvy features include caster wheels for easy maneuverability from workspace to workspace. The water safety valve and low water safety shut-off protect the cooler and pump from damage, providing long-lasting use. Additionally, the roto-molded housing means the exterior protects the internal parts and withstands high temperatures and UV light. Further, cord management, low decibels, and a drain plug make this brand a top choice for many businesses, contractors, and other maintenance professionals.

  • Cool-Space Swamp Coolers:

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  • Costway Swamp Coolers:

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  • Duolang Swamp Coolers:

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    Evapolar swamp coolers combine modern design with classic swamp cooler cooling for personal spaces. Detailed modern touches, such as LED lighting, removable water tanks, and digital screens add to the functionality, while integrating smart functions and easy to use controls. Designed without an internal battery, these portable, USB-powered personal air coolers are operated via any computer, smartphone, or power bank for indoor and outdoor use. Their minimal wattage consumption easily reduces your energy usage for a smaller footprint.

    Designed with easily removable cartridges, the basalt evaporative cooling pads absorb and hold more water for powerful, long-lasting cooling without an internal pump or water hook-up. The compact design makes them a fit for any desk at the office or in a dorm room, as well as outdoor patio decks, side table, or nightstand.

  • Evapolar Swamp Coolers:

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    Frigidaire has been one of the most recognized appliance brands for the past century

  • Frigidaire Swamp Coolers:

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    Hessaire. Founded in 1996, Cullman, Alabama-based Hessaire is a noted manufacturer of air-movement solutions. Hessaire Evaporative Coolers produce a range of durable swamp coolers for residential and commercial use in spaces up to 2,100 square feet. Featuring 3-sided cooling media, easy mobility, and simple controls, these portable evaporative coolers are great for both stationary and on-the-go cooling. Hessaire’s thoughtfully designed swamp coolers also feature simple upkeep and maintenance for an improved evaporative cooling experience and maximum comfort.

    Hessaire’s high-capacity coolers provide ultimate cooling with high CFMs. Designed to cool spaces up to 2,100 square feet, these coolers provide ultimate cooling in small spaces, such as garages, up to large commercial spaces, such as warehouses, automotive garages, and more. Large axial fans help propel cool air throughout while oscillating louvers help to evenly distribute air.

    Further, Hessaire swamp coolers are designed to make operation simple. Big, heavy-duty caster wheels help to roll the coolers across various hard or rough surfaces for easier transport. Easily accessible water reservoir tanks and hose hook-ups make it easier to cool down on a hot day.

    Check out our selection of Hessaire swamp coolers to find the one right for your space.

  • Hessaire Swamp Coolers:

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    Honeywell evaporative air coolers are engineered to perform the most natural way of cooling: evaporative cooling. This type of cooling conditions the air (humidifies) while you achieve significant savings on running costs when compared to a traditional air conditioner. The Honeywell evaporative cooler line includes indoor evaporative coolers that work great in bedrooms, dens, and living spaces and outdoor coolers that are ideal for patios, poolside areas, and porches. Keep in mind that evaporative coolers are best for use in hot, dry climates where humidity is below 60%, because they add moisture to the air while they cool.

    Honeywell swamp coolers are an effective and green alternative for reducing energy, cooling, and humidifying. Designed to infuse cool air through evaporative cooling and humidity, a swamp cooler doubles as two appliances for environments with humidity below 60%. Additionally, swamp coolers do not contain refrigerants, coolants, and internal compressors, as like air conditioners, and their ability to run on just a water pump and fan makes them an ideal choice for reducing energy costs.

    Further, you can find swamp coolers designed for spot cooling, indoor cooling, and a combination of indoor and outdoor cooling. Depending on sizing needs, you can find a Honeywell evaporative cooler with larger water tank capacites, castor wheels, carbon filters, adjustable humidity dials, adjustable louvers, and so much more.

    To find the Honeywell swamp cooler right for your lifestyle, home, or both, check out our selection.

  • Honeywell Swamp Coolers:

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    Keystone swamp coolers offer affordable, eco-friendly cooling solutions to arid regions in homes and in commercial/industrial spaces. From the small, portable coolers to the larger units with massive water tanks, they are a low cost option with energy-efficiency benefits built in.

    Keystone swamp coolers features a variety of controls suitable to the type of cooling needed and conditions. For residential use, the smaller 7.5-liter tank is suitable for single space cooling with electronic controls and a remote control for easier programming. Use the louvers to direct air while the programmable timer and sleep mode afford plenty of versatility.

    Additionally, the bigger 30- and 40-liter tank Keystone swamp coolers offer low cost cooling indoors and outdoors where needed for commercial and industrial spaces. Suitable for barns, garages, kennels, warehouses, or any working environment where humidity is below 60%, the Keystone 30-Liter and Keystone 40-Liter Evaporative Coolers provide continuous or manual water fill, removable, washable filters, and so much more.

    Find the Keystone evaporative air cooler that fits with your lifestyle by browsing our selection today.

  • Keystone Swamp Coolers:

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    Luma Comfort Swamp Coolers lower indoor temperatures by combining the natural properties of evaporating water with a powerful air moving system.

  • Luma Comfort Swamp Coolers:

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    MasterCool swamp coolers are manufactured by Essick Air, a trusted leader in air quality products for over 65 years. MasterCool mobile evaporative coolers are designed to bring a cooling breeze to both outdoor and indoor areas such as patios, decks, garages, workshops, and more. Engineered for environmentally and energy conscious consumers, their products use water to naturally cool unlike air conditioners which use chemical refrigerants. MasterCool products are constructed to last and help to lower energy bills.

  • MasterCool Swamp Coolers:

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    NewAir swamp coolers are the ideal option to keep cool in hot and arid climates. The reason is a swamp cooler is using the cooling effect of water evaporation to lower a rooms temperature. Evaporative coolers can save 75% in energy costs compared to air conditioners, lower indoor temperatures by as much as 20 degrees, and they don’t release any harmful chemicals like Freon into the atmosphere.

    Whether you live in the Southwest and need an air-cooled solution that relies on evaporation or you want an industrial-strength fan for your garage or workshop, NewAir has what you need.

    Keep your living and work spaces cool and comfortable all summer long with cooling systems from NewAir. We offer misting fans, portable air conditioners and portable evaporative coolers for spaces of every size. Who says air conditioning has to mean a full-home makeover? Our convenient solutions are perfect for supplemental cooling or to bring the chill all season long.

  • NewAir Swamp Coolers:

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    North Storm swamp coolers are eco-friendly designed for ultimate cooling. Designed with upgraded features, the North Storm evaporative coolers use electronic controls, powerful airflow for ultimate cooling, and an exterior design that makes portability and ease of use simple for all kinds of activities and applications.

    Ease of use is the idea behind North Storm’s technology. LED display and electronic controls make it easier to adjust cooling, modes, and programming for the most efficient operation of your North Storm cooler. Enjoy operating your cooler from the comfort of your sofa or chair with sleek remote controls, and enjoy setting the timer to shut down the cooler when it’s time for bed.

    Stay cool with North Storm’s cool airflow, created using the best design knowledge and technology for evaporative cooling. Use for several indoor and outdoor applications, such as patios, garages, decks, and indoor living spaces. When using outdoors, the continuous fill allows for hands-free operation, and different cooling modes feature preprogrammed fan modes for variegated cooling.

    Lastly, North Storm evaporative coolers allow you to easily operate the cooler without fuss. Heavy-duty caster wheels make it easy to pivot the portable swamp cooler and move while the easily accessible hose hook-up for the continuous fill is located on the back. Refill the water container when empty, clean out, and put away in storage with no hassle.

  • North Storm Swamp Coolers:
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    Portacool, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for commercial and outdoor use. Located in Center, Texas, Portacool produces a variety of heavy-duty portable evaporative coolers. Developed for residential and commercial applications, Portacool swamp coolers are used in backyards to bigger commercial industries, including automotive, farming, military, aviation, and more. The rugged rotomolded housing and durable KUUL evaporative cooling media make them a select choice for large-scale cooling.

    With powerful airflow rates, large-capacity water tanks, and easy mobility, Portacool evaporative coolers are frequently used in gyms, outdoor festivals/recreation, warehouses, hangars, and in barns and kennels. This line of industrial-grade evaporative cooling systems provides environmentally-friendly cooling for areas up to 4,000 square feet, using only water as a cooling media without a compressor or internal refrigerants. Large axial fans help draw in hot air from the back, propelling cooled air out through the front.

    In residential and commercial spaces where air conditioning isn’t practical, the cool air of Portacool swamp coolers alleviates heat by infusing humidified air throughout arid environments. Hook them up to a hose for continuous cooling, or fill the water tank as needed. Internal pumps keep the KUUL evaporative cooling media wet. When you just need to move air throughout the room without cooling, switch on the fan and use the fan without harming the pump or cooler.

  • Portacool Swamp Coolers:

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    SPT/Sunpentown. Headquartered in City of Industry, California, Sunpentown International—also known as SPT—manufactures a variety of competitively priced residential-grade evaporative air coolers. Our eco-friendly Sunpentown swamp coolers are exceptionally quiet and come with a wide range of features including multiple operating modes, remote controls, and more. Using easy-roll casters, these Sunpentown evaporative coolers can be effortlessly moved from room to room to keep you cool and comfortable—no matter where you are.

    Designed around comfort and cooling, Sunpentown swamp coolers provide refreshing, humid air in environments with 60% humidity or less. From residential to industrial evaporative coolers, there are several features that make them a great addition to any home, garage, or workshop. With units capable of heating upwards of 500 square feet, enjoy circulated air using 3-D cooling pads and oscillating louvers for more air movement. Additionally, enjoy increased comfort with multiple cooling speeds. Further, the Sunpentown swamp coolers are energy-efficient, using little electricity, and they are incredibly eco-friendly, as they use no cooling refrigerants.

    Lastly, Sunpentown coolers offer convenience features which include remote controls and digital LED displays for easier programming. Other features can include handles for easier portability, caster wheels, quieter fan functions, large water tanks, and so much more.

  • Sunpentown aka SPT Swamp Coolers:

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    Whirlpool. Offering comfort and quality, Whirlpool evaporative coolers provide superior cooling in climates with 60% humidity or less. As a quick way to infuse humidity into arid air, the Whirlpool swamp coolers are designed with excellent technology and features that make them great to have in home offices, living spaces, and even at your office. Features including caster wheels, handles for moving, oscillating louvers, ice pack (in select models), and LED control panels with timers, 3 fan speeds, wind options, and more.

    Move your Whirlpool swamp cooler with ease with the built-in handles for maneuvering them around the room, and the included caster wheels make moving them across area rugs and hardwood flooring easier, as well. Cool off your area with the oscillating louvers, which quickly usher cooler air around the room. For dry air in the winter, save your nasal passages with cooler air by running the fan on low. Further, you can use the fan-only feature for just moving stuffy air throughout your outdoor patio or living area in the cooler fall months.

    Additionally, the Whirlpool evaporative coolers are exceptionally technology savvy with the digital LED control panels. Switching between the functions and modes is easy and effortless. Using the digital control panel (or included remote control on some models), switch between the fan speed levels (LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH), and select your preferred wind options (Normal, Natural, and Sleep). Program the swamp cooler to time off at your preferred time up to 8 hours, and operate the oscillating horizontal and vertical louvers to your preference.

  • Whirlpool Swamp Coolers:

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