NewAir AF-1000 Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers are a great way to stay cool in hot, dry environments. Explore all the features & benefits of the NewAir AF-1000 Swamp Cooler in this quick video.

Swamp coolers chill the air using natural evaporation. Water is pumped up from a reservoir and used to soak a cooling pad made of cardboard or cellulose. Then a fan blows air through the pad, which causes the water to evaporate. Evaporation pulls energy from the air, so the air that comes out is nice and cold, sometimes as much as 20-30°F colder than the ambient temperature.

The AF-1000 comes with three fan speeds (Low, Medium, & High) that let you adjust the airflow rate and the amount of cooling. You can use it as an evaporative cooler or, if the humidity’s too high, you can disable the water pump and just use it as a fan. The cooler comes with a programmable timer that lets you set a start time, so you can program it to turn on automatically during different parts of the day. Oscillating louvers help distribute the air evenly throughout the room.

The cooler is extremely cost-effective. It can run for over an hour and still only use up a few cents worth of electricity. It’s the ideal cooling solution for any place where the air is dry and the days are warm.