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Industrial Swamp Coolers: For heartier jobs such as cooling warehouses, auto garages, workshops, and other large areas, consider investing in an enviornmentaly friendly industrial evaporative cooler with higher airflow and bigger capacities. We offer some great industrial evaporative coolers that will cool warehouses in excess of 6000 square feet.

Portacool Industrial Swamp Coolers:

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Portacool Hazardous Location Series Swamp Coolers:

Portacool Hazardous Location evaporative coolers are ETL Certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C & D hazardous locations. This certification ensures Portacool’s Hazardous evaporative coolers are suited to provide cooling comfort that aids heat stress prevention among workers in high-heat environments where combustibles are a concern. These environments include petrochemical refineries, offshore and onshore oil/gas exploration, chemical production, fuel depots, garages or hangars where fuel is present.

Designed to cool areas where airborne gas or debris is potentially combustible, the Hazardous Location products are equipped with sealed switches, cords, motors and pumps to prevent sparking. Stay comfortable in any hot environment and keep yourself and your workers safe.

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    Our Favorite Industrial Commercial Grade Swamp Coolers:

    Portacool, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for commercial and outdoor use. Located in Center, Texas, Portacool produces a variety of heavy-duty portable evaporative coolers. Developed for residential and commercial applications, Portacool swamp coolers are used in backyards to bigger commercial industries, including automotive, farming, military, aviation, and more. The rugged rotomolded housing and durable KUUL evaporative cooling media make them a select choice for large-scale cooling.

    With powerful airflow rates, large-capacity water tanks, and easy mobility, Portacool evaporative coolers are frequently used in gyms, outdoor festivals/recreation, warehouses, hangars, and in barns and kennels. This line of industrial-grade evaporative cooling systems provides environmentally-friendly cooling for areas up to 4,000 square feet, using only water as a cooling media without a compressor or internal refrigerants. Large axial fans help draw in hot air from the back, propelling cooled air out through the front.

    Cool-Space industrial swamp coolers provide simple, eco-friendly cooling solutions for commercial and residential settings. Made in the USA, these coolers are designed to lower ambient temperatures by as much as 30-degrees F. Quality construction and features offer cooling on decks and patios, auto shops, carports, docks, hangars, warehouses, and more.

    To achieve cooling by as much as 30-degrees F, the germ protected rigid cooling media provides 30% more surface area, while powerful fans circulate and propel air throughout any space. Large, built-in water reservoirs make it possible to set it and forget it with the continuous fill and garden hose hook-ups. Ensure safety with the integrated ground fault circuit interrupter plugs (GFCI) that come standard on all Cool Space swamp coolers. High CFMs and variable or 1-speed fan settings make it easier to adjust the fan speed you need.


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