How To Winterize Your Evaporative Cooler

How To Winterize Your Evaporative Cooler.

Winterizing is one of the most important maintenance procedures for your evaporative cooler. Ensure you winterize your evaporative cooler properly to keep your cooler in top shape for the summer months when you need it again.

  • Step One: Shut off water and disconnect the water line from both ends (supply and unit), then blow out the extra water. If the water line cannot be stored, leave it disconnected from the source so that no water will leak into the line.
  • Step Two: Drain the water from the base of the cooler. Sponge out the excess water.
  • Step Three: Clean the dirt and debris from the cooler. Remove rust with a wire brush (if necessary). Touch up with a rust preventative paint. Use pan sealer if needed.
  • Step Four (Optional): Change out the pads for next summer so it will be all ready to go at start-up when you need it again.
  • Step Five: Install cooler cover. Do not use a plastic cover because it will cause condensation, causing rust to form.
  • Step Six: Close off and seal all vents.
  • Step Seven: Have a nice winter and Holiday Season, stay warm.
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