Cool-Space Avalanche Series Overview

Cool-Space Avalanche Swamp Coolers. The Features and Benefits of the COOL-SPACE AVALANCHE Series Portable Evaporative Coolers. Cool-Space swamp coolers provide simple, eco-friendly cooling solutions for commercial and residential settings. Made in the USA, these coolers are designed to lower ambient temperatures by as much as 30-degrees F. Quality construction and features offer cooling on decks and patios, auto shops, carports, docks, hangars, warehouses, and more.

To achieve cooling by as much as 30-degrees F, the germ protected rigid cooling media provides 30% more surface area, while powerful fans circulate and propel air throughout any space. Large, built-in water reservoirs make it possible to set it and forget it with the continuous fill and garden hose hook-ups. Ensure safety with the integrated ground fault circuit interrupter plugs (GFCI) that come standard on all Cool Space swamp coolers. High CFMs and variable or 1-speed fan settings make it easier to adjust the fan speed you need.

Other convenient and savvy features include caster wheels for easy maneuverability from workspace to workspace. The water safety valve and low water safety shut-off protect the cooler and pump from damage, providing long-lasting use. Additionally, the roto-molded housing means the exterior protects the internal parts and withstands high temperatures and UV light. Further, cord management, low decibels, and a drain plug make this brand a top choice for many businesses, contractors, and other maintenance professionals.

Cool Space Avalanche Swamp Coolers

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