Buy A Swamp Cooler This Winter

It’s fall now and winter will be here soon so most Swamp Coolers will be put aside for a few months as we fire up the heaters and get wood for the fireplace. Generally when you have a cold house or shop the last thing on your mind is cooling things down but if you have or are considering using an evaporative cooler to cool things down next summer, winter can actually be a great time to invest in a Swamp Cooler as many of the top brands will offer better deals in the cold months since sales slow down.

So perhaps consider asking Santa to bring you a nice Swamp Cooler for Christmas when the prices are low, Santa likes low holiday prices. We will be keeping our eye on the best deals and sale prices throughout the winder and Holiday Season and posting those deals so check back periodically and consider buying a Cooler when the prices and temperatures are low so when the prices and temperatures start to rise again you will be happy, cool and comfortable.

Also if you have a Swamp Cooler now don’t forget to winterize it so it will be all ready to go when summer comes again. Here is a link to “How To Winterize Your Evaporative Cooler

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